Digging Beneath the Surface: Contextual Data Mining

Contextual Data Mining with Analyze with Insight Miner

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What Will You Learn?

  • Human analysts are being outpaced
  • AI can help pull deep insights out of Big Data
  • Enhance analytics apps with AI assistance

What's in This Whitepaper?

The world of Big Data is growing faster than human analysts can keep up with it. Enter: contextual data mining. Augmented analytics using AI and machine learning can serve up deeper insights that human users might not even know were there or how to get. Organizations no longer need to hire more and more analysts to get at the insights inside their data. Technology is here to help.

Why Should You Read It?

Analytics and BI are changing: builders are creating new analytic apps to help deliver insights to end users who lack the technical skills for deep analysis. AI assistance from resources like Analyze with Insight Miner will help builders bridge this gap, empowering end-users with deeper insights and enhanced analytical abilities.

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The combination of customizable analytics widgets and augmented analytics-style assistance from systems like AIM is a huge opportunity for builders and end-users alike.

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