From Dashboards to Actionable Apps: The Future of Analytics

The future of analytics goes beyond the dashboard as we begin to see the line blur between dashboards that show insights and the applications used to act on them.

Dashboards into actionable apps

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Read about the future of analytics and why it’s important to:

  • Put more insights into the hands of more users
  • Custom-tailor insights into workflows
  • Create seamless and efficient experiences
  • Embed, customize, and integrate analytics widgets

What's in This Whitepaper?

Leaving dashboards behind and creating “data experiences” is how every product manager should be thinking right now. Users won’t come to the data; the data needs to go to them. Actionable analytics apps are the edge that, very soon, no organization will be able to live without.

Why Should You Read It?

The capabilities of your BI dashboards will be pushed to new limits in 2019. Go beyond simply getting actionable insights; give users a way to act on those insights, too—without leaving the application. Learn why your organization should make every user smarter and every decision better and faster with actionable analytic apps.

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Your organization has data, and you need the insights locked away within it to be competitive. If your workflow tools aren’t giving you the insights you need to make better decisions, faster, then an embedded analytics widget could help you close the gap.

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