HEAD IN THE CLOUDS: Linux and Cloud-Native Architecture

Benefits of cloud-native architecture and Linux

Cloud-native web applications are the future; building a world-changing app demands an operating system that can handle modern challenges and adapt to what’s next.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the rise of “the cloud” and how it touches every industry
  • What are the benefits of cloud-native architecture: microservices, containerization, and more
  • Explore DevOps and how it can help you
  • See how Linux and cloud-native architecture fit together

What's in This Whitepaper?

This white paper walks you through the far-ranging impact that the rise of cloud technology has had on app development. It details the many benefits that cloud-native architecture can have for companies and developers building for the cloud. The end is a discussion of Linux’s strengths for developers building apps that will connect to cloud sources.

Why Should You Read It?

It’s a cloud-based world. Whatever you’re building, chances are, it’ll need to connect to the cloud at some point. Arm yourself with vital data to pick the OS and the strategies that will help you adapt to the new world.

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Cloud-native architecture and DevOps processes are the key to rolling out higher-quality software, faster, and with more reliability. The final piece to this puzzle is picking the right OS to tie it all together.

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