What to Expect in a Developer-Friendly World


It’s a developer’s world. Developers are more important than ever in the success of their companies. Product teams are getting a seat at the table, investigating and testing solutions before they’re purchased, and becoming an important partner in the decision-making process

Developers, with their knowledge of applications and business, can make changes in vendors’ applications so that everything (process, product, results) is easier, friendlier, and better for all.

That’s where these 2021 embedded trends come in: We predict that the world is becoming more developer-friendly, and in return, it will make the developers’ work easier, and the outcome for their customers better. 

It’s going to be a developer-friendly year, and these trends will lead the way. 

Buying Open Platforms

Embedded Trends 2020 Buying Open Platforms

This long-running controversy has pretty much lost its relevance in the modern era — everyone buys. Few companies use their precious developer resources to build a complete embedded analytics solution from scratch anymore. Companies understand the value of a developer team and the necessity of focusing that team on their core offering. That’s why more and more developers are leaning toward buying an analytics platform to infuse intelligence into their products, services, and experience. 

However, there’s an important requirement to look for when choosing a platform: It must be open. With an open embedded platform, developers will have the flexibility and extensibility they need to grow and customize the solution to fit their needs. 

Customization is key

Embedded Trends 2020 More Customizations

Developers must be able to customize any solution at all levels. It’s up to the developer to deliver a great user experience. This requires a platform that allows the developer to change the look and feel, add new functionality/features, and build paths to actions that customers want. 

Developers are the ones who will realize the vision of the product, which in turns helps create a competitive edge. To facilitate this creative freedom, developers will be on the lookout for more customizable platforms that allow them to alter and enhance a product to match this larger vision and infuse data and analytics into their offerings to delight users, drive adoption, and increase stickiness.

Multiple implementation options for embedding analytics

Embedded Trends 2020 Multiple Implementation Options

Developers need different ways to infuse intelligence into offerings and present analytics in a way that is compelling to the customer.  

Using APIs or SDKs, teams can embed a full analytics experience or embed individual visualizations and metrics, blurring the line between their operational app and the embedded app. This gives a developer the option to provide the desired experience at any time and at any level.

All the customer sees is the relevant widget or dashboard that the developer has created based on the needs and resources available. The beauty for the developer is that this can all be easily created from the same solution (if it’s the right one!). 

Cloud-native architecture will enable growth and efficiency

Embedded Trends 2020 Cloud-Native for Growth and Efficiency

Most companies are finding immense value in moving from traditional stacks to a cloud-native architecture. For developers of embedded solutions, this is a great foundation that will provide reliability and scalability for their job. 

Data is growing exponentially at every company. The right infrastructure will ensure data and users can scale and that the app has the desired resiliency and efficiency. By moving to a cloud-native infrastructure, developers will be able to adapt quickly as they grow, even on the fly, with a reduced overall cost for keeping the business running on data-driven decisions. 

APIs have changed the game

Embedded Trends 2020 APIs will be game-changers.

Developers have spoken: They want standardized APIs that are easier to use and implement, and facilitate end-to-end scripting, automating, and integrating. Developers do not want to stop their work and have to manually hack together a solution. 

Extensive APIs that are ready to use for any part of the development process, including monitoring, securing, deploying, and integrating are the key to better products in the modern era of developing for data. The right APIs will deliver a full set of automation tools for the entire workflow. 

AI will become embeddable

Embedded Trends 2020 AI will become Embeddable

With all the hype around AI, developers will finally be able to use it to their own advantage. AI will become available in self-serve packages that developers can use to infuse advanced predictive modeling within their products/solutions.

Developers will be able to pick and choose which AI elements they need, embed that functionality straight to the product/solution, and give users the ability to enhance their analytics capabilities and insights in multiple ways.  

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