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A new study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals a dramatic gap between business leaders’ expectations and realities of using data to achieve their business outcomes. Less than 24% of study participants believe their organizations use data effectively. Yet 94% say it’s essential to their ongoing innovation strategy.

Today’s enterprise information technology (IT) organizations are often stuck between dated legacy BI and limited data discovery tools.

Sisense is the only end-to-end Enterprise BI platform that bridges the gap between legacy BI and modern data-discovery tools; providing a single full-stack solution for your entire BI workflow at scale. The platform eliminates usability barriers and long back and forths between IT and business teams common to traditional BI stacks. Sisense creates business user autonomy at scale, while modern data-discovery tools grind to a halt when consolidating big data sources or scaling analysis. The limitations of these technologies is exacerbated by clunky and expensive workarounds that require IT to manage multiple tools in order to get the best of both worlds.

Sisense: Built for enterprise IT

Sisense simplifies end-to-end BI management, drastically reducing time-to-insights by allowing business teams to autonomously analyze and visualize data of any size from a single, sanctioned Elastic Data Hub (EDH). The EDH facilitates IT workflows for building flexible data models from any source, enabling easier adoption for non-technical users and eliminating back and forth between IT and business teams. With a wide range of database connectors, data teams can leverage Sisense In-Chip® performance accelerator technology to speed up analysis from less performant data sources or query data live from high-performance sources via a single user interface.

Sisense creates a layer of administration and governance between IT and the analysts, allowing IT to be the data steward instead of the hands-on data wrangler. This leads to faster, better-informed reports and ad hoc analyses that help businesses reduce costs and make decisions on data faster than any other BI platform available today

Migrating from other BI systems and deploying is turnkey and Sisense’s award-winning customer service ensures you are supported from onboarding to expansion. With optimized IT workflows, business teams can lead more effective campaigns, optimize business operations, and solve business-critical challenges fast.

Enterprise BI is complex. Simplify it.

Whether you’re managing complex enterprise data from many sources or scaling governance and adoption, Sisense’s enterprise platform simplifies and optimizes IT workflows to reduce operational cost and resource expenditure.

Tame your enterprise data landscape

Combine multi-source data into reusable models, connect live data with the Sisense high performance data engine, and enable multiple analysis from each flexible data model.

  1. Hybrid data management: Seamlessly combine multi-source models and live data for analyst consumption from a single Elastic Data Hub. Decoupled data models speed model preparation, data management, and user access.
  2. Mashup data from anywhere: Mashup any data source including relational databases, web, flat file, or Big Data repositories into a logical semantic layer. Provide the broadest context and
    demystify complex data—empowering analysts to work autonomously from data developers and IT.
  3. AI-assisted data prep: Automatically see connections and suggestions for data modeling. Proactively solve joining issues such as many-to-many relationships.

With the Elastic Data Hub, IT teams can:

  • Leverage your high-performance database directly or increase analytical performance of large data in slower relational DBMS such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and any other source.

Adaptive governance

Start governing access and multi-level security from a single administrative hub. Streamline management of security, sign-ons, and data access manually or programmatically depending on IT need.

  1. At scale, as needed: Manage data and dashboard access for teams and individuals from central IT at scale or autonomously by department.
  2. Usage analytics: Monitor engagement, performance, and usage across individuals, departments, or domain. Monitor behavior to identify and act on patterns to promote adoption.
  3. Multi-level security: Manage data security across the organization and down to the individual row from one environment. Programmatically implement protocols regardless of data or user volumes.

Use Sisense’s administrative tools to:

  • Monitor adoption and usage for internal or OEM products to drive adoption and revenue
  • Create performance and usage alerts to act on patterns and changes, leading to less downtime and better response times.

Enterprise business IT at scale

Scaling to meet enterprise demands does not need to be expensive and time-consuming. Sisense’s open Single-Stack™ and In-Chip® technology powers scaling up users, data, or complex analysis as required without extra infrastructure or consultants.

  1. In-Chip® technology: Accelerate query and analysis speeds of any data source by leveraging built-in machine learning to optimize memory usage.
  2. High availability: Support large amounts of concurrent users and create redundancies to ensure business continuity. Deploy a distributed architecture automatically with the Multi-Server
    Deployment Wizard.
  3. Scale as required: Scale to millions of users and terabytes of data out of the box. Never worry about usage limits or processing slow-downs.

Deploy and adapt to changing needs quickly

Eliminate the hurdles of enterprise deployment and keep your end-to-end enterprise BI ecosystem agile to quickly meet changing business demands. From granular customization of functionality to adapting to new requirements and driving shorter times-to-insights, Sisense’s battle-tested infrastructure ensures performance regardless of the challenges ahead.

Flexible deployment options

Be up and running enterprise-wide in days instead of weeks or months. Manage different requirements from one place or create IT autonomy by department.

  1. Deploy as required: Implement Sisense Enterprise on-premise, private cloud, managed cloud, or any hybrid combination without complex processes
  2. Deploy and access anywhere: Launch your server architectures on Linux or Windows and enable anyone to access insights from any OS-agnostic web-browser.
  3. Visibility across systems: Plan and streamline your DevOp workflows with built-in performance monitoring and logs

When I could go from concept to being in production with over 1000 users in just 75 days, that was just something unheard of! That was my biggest excitement over the whole project.

Melinda Jepsen, Orion Portfolio Accounting Services


The Sisense enterprise platform architecture is designed with versatility and custom tailoring in mind. There is no need to wrestle with clunky customization libraries requiring long, complex development cycles. Even the most in-depth changes can be handled with ease.

  1. Built for customization: API-First architecture makes it easy to create unique visualizations and functionalities in Sisense to fit the exact needs of your enterprise.
  2. Purpose-built for developers: A complete developer toolkit cuts development time for embedding, extending, enhancing the BI experience.
  3. Embed analytics anywhere: Easily white label and embed analytics into both your internal and external products. Deliver proven value for your clients with OEM integrations.

Beyond white-labeled and embedded analytics, Sisense’s API-first approach enables:

  • Low-code, full-widget customization beyond charts and graphs, including interactive data-driven widgets and adaptive interactions with Sisense BloX
  • Custom plugins from the Sisense Marketplace, community, or from scratch

Agile data exploration

Sisense offers the versatility and freedom to explore data at all stages in the BI journey. The Elastic Data Hub enables IT or business teams to explore, manipulate, and relate data, equipping analysts and end-users with paramount flexibility for data exploration and drill down.

  1. One model, many answers: Data models are not hard-coded and joins are made at the query level, offering unparalleled flexibility to combine any data source and ask many questions of a single model.
  2. Drag-and-drop analytics: The intuitive user interface makes statistical calculations and data visualization easy to execute and performant.
  3. Extendable end-user drill down: Non-technical business users can filter and drill into any part of the data, enabling ad-hoc analysis and fast time-to-insights.

Drive impact with the lowest TCO

Optimize IT resources and eliminate back-and-forths with business teams, drastically reduce time-to-insights, and facilitate deeper discovery as new information is exposed. Enable analysts and users to mashup, prepare, analyze, and explore data, then deliver full control of insight drill-down as required across devices and use cases.

End-to-end business autonomy

Eliminate tech-heavy requirements for data analysis and enable more people across your organization to adopt and act on business data. No need for on-hand power users to execute functions and deliver business insight.

  1. Intuitive user interfaces: For everything from data modeling to analysis and consuming insights, Sisense simplifies complex workflows via visual tools at every step of the BI journey.
  2. No specialized training: Statistical functions and analysis have clear guidance for maximizing impact. There are no custom languages to learn, but analysts can write full SQL if desired.
  3. AI throughout: Automatically make data connections, see suggestions for analysis, and identify anomalies or significant insights hidden in your data. Sisense learns from your users and data to solve problems intuitively.

The difference with Sisense is that business users can gather their data on their own and immediately drive business value out of those analytics, without the need for long, extended churn times or cycles.

James Davison, Sr. Business Analyst, Celestica

Broad analytical use cases

From internal business optimization to external OEM implementations, leverage Sisense exactly how you need it to deliver value across a broad spectrum of use cases. Uncover insights across platforms and devices.

  1. Governed analytics: Balance IT resources to more agilely meet business user needs. Fast-track analysis and data discovery without compromising data management.
  2. Embedded analytics and OEM: Add value to your internal and client-facing products with white labeled and custom analytics powered by Sisense’s robust stack.
  3. Sisense everywhere: Set alert thresholds and receive insights automatically. Access insights from integrated applications and devices including email, Slack, smart bulbs, or Amazon Alexa

Leverage Sisense to:

  • Power in-depth analytics inside Sisense and your own products, managed directly from Sisense’s admin hub.
  • Reach hundreds or thousands of users with no performance drop-off at the lowest TCO when compared with other platforms.

True partnership for success

Included in your Sisense license is our commitment to ensuring that you realize the highest possible ROI from your BI platform. Dedicated teams are on-hand at every step of deployment, management, and growth. Experience Sisense industry-leading white-glove customer service and get results fast.

  1. Personalized onboarding: From connecting data, building models, and realizing your first dashboards, dedicated BI consultants are on hand at no extra cost.
  2. Dedicated success team: Your success is our success. A client success manager comes standard with your Sisense license to help you realize the full potential of your enterprise BI.
  3. Consulting and elite support: Need around-the-clock support? Work closely with a full set of designated professionals to partner, plan, and complete your target goals.

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