The Value of Usage Analytics in the Subscription Economy

Use business intelligence to monitor and investigate various aspects of your company.

The Value of Usage Analytics

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the benefits of your BI implementation
  • Understanding how your BI is being used and what KPIs are being tracked
  • Identifying underused or redundant dashboards, functions, and performance issues
  • Getting a concept of the current ROI you’re receiving from your BI
  • Understanding how you can reduce churn

What's in This Whitepaper?

As more companies adopt a subscription-based business model, it becomes increasingly important for them to deliver more value with every interaction, so that they ensure user engagement, retention and continued growth.

Why Should You Read It?

When your business model relies on this data-driven dialogue with subscribers, you need to be confident that your analytics is genuinely adding value, both in terms of what you learn about your subscribers, and to ensure that your business is using analytics most effectively.

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Employing a combination of embedded analytics and usage data is a win-win scenario for companies and customers.

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