The Ultimate Data Preparation Kit

What’s In This Kit?

In this whitepaper, we’ll take you through each stage of getting your data ready for analysis, in detail, showing you how to define, identify, connect, wrangle, load and verify data drawn from a myriad of sources, ironing out any issues along the way.

We’ll highlight key concerns and common mistakes, teaching you all the best practice methods you’ll need to ensure your data is fully prepped, cleaned and organized in the perfect way to serve your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Why Should You Read It?

If you want to get high quality, actionable insights out of your data, you need to nail every step in the process – all the way back to the source.

After reading this kit, you will be able to do efficient data prep and fast-track your analytical insights.

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What Will You Learn?

    Accelerate your insights, and develop a winning strategy for data preparation by following the steps outlined in this document.

    This kit includes:
  • What to consider when defining data
  • How to set up your data sources
  • How to work with different data relationships
  • How to check sources for complete and accurate information
  • What are your options for loading data

The Ultimate Data Preparation Kit

“Proper, thorough data preparation right from the start leads to faster, more efficient insights down the line.”

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