Using Data Dictionaries for Better, Faster Querying

As Big Data rapidly expands and is used by more and more people in more and more ways, you will need a way to ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page. That’s where data dictionaries come in.

Data Dictionaries

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Read this paper to learn more about the:

  • Important benefits to analytics and BI
  • Critical best practices for any company
  • Advantages to teams, departments, and business
  • What does the future hold for data dictionaries

What's in This Whitepaper?

If you’re an ambitious, growing organization and you’re serious about rolling out the kind of  responsive, data-driven, efficiency-minded BI strategy your company needs to achieve its
goals, you should absolutely read this paper to see how a data dictionary can support this.

Why Should You Read It?

You will learn how data dictionaries are becoming an essential communication tool for any business dealing with data. Creating a well-organized collection of data element names, definitions, and attributes will help any organization to be more efficient and scale in the future.

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As more and more types of users adopt data dictionaries, cleaner, faster, more transparent analysis will become the norm.

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