How to Assemble Final Dashboards, Design Formats, and Common Pitfalls

How to Assemble Final Dashboards Including Pitfalls

What Will You Learn?

  • Outlining the prescribed structure
  • Reducing the amount of effort needed to identify presented information
  • Standardizing the formatting and display
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

What's in This Whitepaper?

Cut your design time in half by using the tips in this paper to modify the way your dashboards are presented. This paper keeps you on track to delivering full-spectrum dashboards while avoiding the petty, nerve-racking pitfalls that hinder productivity.

Why Should You Read It?

Learn how to assemble final dashboards that will ‘wow’ your users with meaningful, visually displayed business insights.

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Use this paper to make every design choice contribute to the goal of creating comprehensive dashboards.

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