Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

  • Profusion is a data science and multichannel marketing services consultancy. The heritage of the business is email marketing and customer communication which remains a core capability. We have gone on to evolve our tech and data services.
  • The data science team, which includes data scientists, analysts, engineers, visualisers and consultants offers solutions such as building: Data architecture and infrastructures, implementing data science and analytics solutions like Business Intelligence, and designing customer churn models to predict buying behaviour and create retention strategies.
  • In a world where AI and automation are prominent, data is a key influencer for anyone making operational decisions. Our services empower and enrich our clients decision making.
  • Since starting as a customer of Sisense in early 2016, we’ve grown to use the tool comprehensively throughout our own organisation and embedded it successfully within other organisations too.
  • We take on the full scope of the Business Intelligence implementation from concept through to successful adoption – we support our clients to derive the total cost of ownership, help build business case, designing and installing dashboards, and ensuring a successful rollout and adoption throughout a team, function and company

Sisense Services Provided

Profusion offers a full suite of Sisense services including:

  • IT consulting for installing and managing Sisense.
  • Advanced ElastiCube modeling: we can help mash up all your data into a set of clean reporting tables that are ready for dashboard design.
  • Dashboard design: with many years’ experience using Sisense, building widgets is our bread and butter.
  • Advance dashboard design: we get the most out of Sisense by building and deploying our own custom plugins using JavaScript and D3 libraries. We also assess UX design and believe understanding the dashboard journey users want to go on is just as important as the information that is displayed to them.
  • We embed dashboards into company intranets and web portals, so users have all the data they need in one unified platform.

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • We have successfully implemented Sisense in Profusion, enabling us to make business-critical decisions using our own operational data. We have dashboards that m­­­­­­easure our employee utilisation and workload, help us with project management and resource planning, and provide up to date sales, marketing and finance information.
  • We also provide email marketing services to our own clients. Before Sisense there was a huge bottleneck in getting reporting and analytics to measure the success of marketing campaigns. Now with Sisense our data science team no longer needs to write time-consuming bespoke reports, since all the information is available to our consultants at the click of a button.
  • Working with a client in the entertainment industry, we have successfully migrated them away from extremely complex Excel spreadsheets and into a fully embedded Sisense solution. They no longer have to wait months for spreadsheets to be updated (and sometimes incorrectly maintained and poorly looked after). Instead, they use Sisense to measure their KPIs.

Operating regions

  • UK, Middle East


  • English
  • Spanish

Company Contact Information

Headquarters location: London, UK
Company LinkedIn profile:
Primary contact person: Camilla Hasler
Phone: 020 7014 5456
Email: [email protected]