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Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

Untitled was founded in 2018 to democratize data across all stakeholders of any company, providing end-to-end development, architecture build-out, advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions to empower our clients.

We’re able to cover all internal and external elements of Sisense development and implementation with our team, comprising data engineers, architects, data scientists and full-stack web developers.

We’ve worked extensively in the eCommerce, retail goods, financial and automotive sectors, creating solutions for the SMB market and multiple Fortune 500 companies used in production today.

Sisense Services Provided

Our expertise is in full modern data stack design, architecture, integration, management and presentation. This includes the following capabilities:

  • System & Data Architecture
  • Data Warehousing
  • Cloud environment(s) setup and networks
  • Data Pipelines and Engineering
  • ETL off-the-shelf solutions implementation
  • Custom Integration and APIs
  • Dashboarding, and component building
  • Custom front-end development and embedding
  • Cloud-based elastic stack configuration implementation
  • Custom Microservice workflow patterns and data jobs
  • Production grade Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • DevOps, Dev to Prod systems, Application Monitoring and Observability
  • Data Monetization Strategies
  • Maintenance and support for Sisense and underlying cloud infrastructure
  • Fractional CTO services including scaling consultation, business continuity and product road maps
  • Technical stakeholder training and enablement
  • Enterprise Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • Information Security, Data Governance, and Compliance Protocols

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

Esquire – Untitled implemented a full stack development solution for Esquire Advertising, leveraging Sisense as the modeling and analytics tool to best meet their needs. Between their rapid growth and engagement with a Fortune 500 client, they needed a comprehensive offering that would allow them to better monitor and manage their media campaigns at scale.

Untitled executed on everything from initial solution architecture and cloud setup to data preparation, ETL and finally the Sisense implementation itself, providing an automated, real-time reporting portal for all their clients.

Untitled – As true partners, Untitled also leverages Sisense internally for our own products and company operations. We’ve constructed detailed dashboards and reporting functionality that allows us to monitor and optimize our sales, advertising, financials and workforce productivity. Externally, our data products and analytics interfaces are powered by a Sisense SQL modeling layer and embedded Sisense widgets.

Customer Testimonials

“10/10 I would recommend working with Untitled to a friend or colleague. Not only are they very talented, they also have an underlying desire to understand our business. They helped tailor our Sisense solution to fit our business model, and in many ways have also improved it. Because of this we’re still working with them on an on-going basis. Even throughout the pandemic they have always stayed in touch and have traveled to our office during critical launches. They’ve also gone out of their way to help us hire additional team members in order to bring some of the technical process in-house. Additionally, I like their customer service approach, I can reach out directly to them and/or submit a support ticket. Typically they will get back to me within an hour if not by EoD. Also, like I stated above, their willingness to send out a team to our office, even during the pandemic, to help us with critical launches has been immensely helpful for our business and roll out of Sisense.”

-Clayton Stewart, VP of Business Development & Innovation at Esquire Media.

Operating Countries

  • North America
  • Europe


  • English

Company Contact Information

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Company Website: https://untitledfirm.com/

Company Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/untitled-firm

Primary Contact: Connor Gaffney

Primary Contact Email: [email protected]